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Your Career as a Data Analytics Manager

Big data. Big opportunities. As cloud computing and advanced technology transform our modern world, big data is projected to be a $50 billion business by 2017 — but few companies are ready for its impact. [2][3] Each day, people send 294 billion emails, log more than 1 billion Google searches, create 30,000+ terabytes of Facebook […]

Fill the Role of the Modern School Nurse

The problematic state of the school nurse profession. Less than half of public schools in the United States employ a full-time nurse. Yet new health concerns have increased, which eclipse the capabilities of part-time nurses in American schools. Unfortunately, many U.S. schools — often in poor neighborhoods — lack the personnel who can identify health […]

Your Career as a Financial Advisor

The Market Needs Financial Advisors. Become One. There has never been a better time to become a financial advisor. Businesses are moving away from traditional banks and brokerage firms to more holistic relationships with independent financial planners. [1] At the same time, 76 million baby boomers are approaching retirement, many of whom live paycheck to […]

Top Careers for Military Veterans

You need a second career. Industries need your skills. Veterans and business leaders know this universal truth: Great results begin with great leadership. So as the U.S. job market continues to improve, companies have realized that hiring veterans is not just goodwill — it’s good business. In a study by the Center of New American […]

Why Cybercriminals Target Small Businesses

Small Businesses, Big Targets From major corporations to small mom-and-pop stores, companies are discovering better ways to use mobile technology and cloud computing to do business. But so are cybercriminals. [1] Half of global cyberattacks in 2015 involved small businesses, partly because business owners assume that cybercriminals are only interested in major corporations and don’t […]

The Advancements of Title IX and College Sexual Assault

The Evolving Role of Title IX On U.S. college campuses, one in five female students will be directly affected by sexual assault. To what extent is a university responsible for protecting its students from sexual misconduct? Academic institutions face this question as they seek to curb evolving forms of sexual assault and harassment. However, the […]