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Four ways technology can advance police work — and your career.

Modern police departments have an array of devices and tools that may revolutionize law enforcement and help uphold public safety. Here’s a look at the technological innovations that are shaping police work around the country. The rise of department-wide body cameras Body cameras have become a hot topic in policing in recent years, and more […]

Your Guide to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Exam

The CISSP guarantees that information security leaders have a proper understanding of developing threats, technologies, and standards. The certification exam uses a variety of advanced, innovative questions to provide a better assessment of candidates on a broader scale.

How the Nurse Shortage Is Creating Career Opportunities in 2017

As the average nurse nears age 50 and roughly 10,000 baby boomers retire each day, demand is growing for skilled nurses. [1] Whether you are a student considering a nursing career or a working nurse hoping to advance your patient care expertise, now is an ideal time to begin.

Top Health Professions That Don’t Require Medical School

Physicians sacrifice time, money, and immerse themselves in years of study to save patients’ lives, but the profession isn’t for everyone, and there are many other roles in health care. If you desire to impact patient care, yet seek to avoid blood, needles, and years of medical school study

3 Important Issues Health Educators Are Helping to Address

Health educators help teach the public about the issues impacting our local and global communities, particularly ways to prevent or reduce health problems and how to seek treatment. Here are three major issues poised to challenge these professionals in the coming years. Behavioral Health and Addiction Opioid abuse is devastating communities across the globe. According […]

Top Online MBA Programs with no GMAT Requirement

When career-focused individuals are looking to earn their online MBA, the GMAT is often a point of fear. If you are considering an MBA and hoping to avoid the GMAT, browse our list of online MBA programs that may meet your needs. Maybe you’re wondering what exactly is the GMAT? Do you really need one to pursue your education of choice? Read on to learn why many universities are updating their admissions requirements and offering GMAT waivers or removing the GMAT altogether from their admissions criteria.

Tips for Building Your Professional Network as a Student

Building relationships with your peers and instructors at school can play an early role in creating a healthy network, but developing a strong online presence can greatly expand your circle. Social media can be an essential tool during your educational journey, helping with important tasks such as selecting your school, as well as networking.

4 Meaningful Public Service Careers

A rewarding career isn’t always just about your paycheck, benefits, or even work-life balance. Many people want to make a difference in the world through their work. Whether your goals include something as visible as working for a political campaign or a more community-focused role like managing local urban development, there are plenty of meaningful […]

6 Essential Skills Educators Use to Futureproof Students’ Careers

Many college graduates find that their educations do not adequately prepare them for employment. Studies back this up, with recent research showing that 40% of college graduates cannot pass a test on complex reasoning skills needed to excel in the workforce. [1] The moment education stops and the real world starts, students suddenly have to […]

Make A Difference With A Career in Social Work

Industry Outcomes for Social Workers Social work is both a great career move and a way to change lives for the better. By its nature, social work is a flexible field that can be tailored to fit your passion. Additionally, you shouldn’t have issue finding a job after graduation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts […]

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Select a College

Nine out of 10 teenagers use social media, and, according to Pew Research, 71% of them use over five social apps each day. [1] It’s a trend that has influenced higher ed admissions officers to engage students on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to secure them as future alumni. Here are three ways you can […]

Thinking Outside The Office: 3 Degrees for Careers in Nature

Degree: Bachelor’s in Forestry Strategies for environmental conservation and the appropriate use of natural resources are among the chief focuses of a degree in forestry. These programs are distinguished by courses that cover the practical application of biology, chemistry, resource management, and environmental science in serving policy and care for forestlands. A common job for […]

6 Less-Common Careers for Master of Public Administration Grads

Master of Public Administration (MPA) degrees are in demand, with many political science careers requiring this type of master’s degree and more than 6,720,000 search results for MPA degrees on Google. [3] And due to the broad array of applications that an MPA can have across industry, degree holders have a greater chance of being […]

What Are Five of the Biggest Questions About Online Education?

Because every student and online program is different, determining if online education is right for you can be tricky. Important considerations include program availability, your individual learning style, and your professional aspirations. Self-motivation, time management, and your computer competency are other key factors. […]

The #1 Way Students Can Set a New Year’s Resolution (and Actually Keep It)

Many people start the new year honestly intending to improve on some aspect of their lives. “This year I’m going to go back to school,” or “This year I’m going to get a new job.” Data suggests that 47% of people who set resolutions aim for self-improvement related to education and learning [1], including going […]

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Context approaches higher education with academic and industry leadership to deliver insights that inspire learning. We have explored how advanced technology has transformed the development of augmented and virtual reality in a variety of industries. The result is a market that is expected to be worth $150 billion by 2020. Learn how to gain the […]

Four Online Master’s Degrees That Can Pay Off

Some students pursue graduate-level studies to evolve within their current line of work, and others hope to complement previous education with a degree that can help them make a fresh start in a new field — but what both types of students are often seeking to achieve is professional and financial growth. Pursuing a master’s […]

Selecting an Online MBA Program That Fits Your Needs

According to Fortune magazine, an MBA creates the opportunity to evolve, change, or reinvent a career path — largely by gaining a broader perspective. Additionally, the Graduate Management Admission Council states that more than 90% of business school grads consider an MBA a good value. [2] However, the variety of concentrations can make your MBA […]

4 Ways to De-stress Over the Holidays

1. Reduce your stress with cutting-edge apps. Modern Applied Psychology, Software Development, and Computer Science degrees now have components that address the links between social media and psychological stress — and for good reason. The average person has five social media accounts and spends almost two hours each day browsing their networks on mobile applications. […]

Your Career as a Data Analytics Manager

Big data. Big opportunities. As cloud computing and advanced technology transform our modern world, big data is projected to be a $50 billion business by 2017 — but few companies are ready for its impact. [2][3] Each day, people send 294 billion emails, log more than 1 billion Google searches, create 30,000+ terabytes of Facebook […]

Top Strategies to Maximize Your Financial Aid

According to the College Board, the federal government awarded undergraduate students more than $126 billion in grants, loans, work-study funds, and tax benefits in 2015. And with two-thirds of full-time students paying for college with financial aid, it’s likely that you are looking to tap into this funding pool as well. [1] Here are some […]

Fill the Role of the Modern School Nurse

The problematic state of the school nurse profession. Less than half of public schools in the United States employ a full-time nurse. Yet new health concerns have increased, which eclipse the capabilities of part-time nurses in American schools. Unfortunately, many U.S. schools — often in poor neighborhoods — lack the personnel who can identify health […]

Boost Your Skills, Income Potential with a Master’s in Teaching

Education for Educators Teachers know that our culture is constantly being driven — and rewritten — by innovation. Facts taught in today’s classrooms may not be relevant tomorrow, and students expect to use the same technologies in school that they use at home. Education will continue to change each year along with these trends, and […]

4 Myths About Online Learning Exposed

MYTH #1: Online courses are easier and require less time. One of the most common online education myths is that an online course is easier than its on-campus counterpart. People falsely assume that an online course provides more flexibility at the expense of rigor. In reality, online education is often very labor-intensive, and it requires […]

Your Career as a Financial Advisor

The Market Needs Financial Advisors. Become One. There has never been a better time to become a financial advisor. Businesses are moving away from traditional banks and brokerage firms to more holistic relationships with independent financial planners. [1] At the same time, 76 million baby boomers are approaching retirement, many of whom live paycheck to […]

Top Careers for Military Veterans

You need a second career. Industries need your skills. Veterans and business leaders know this universal truth: Great results begin with great leadership. So as the U.S. job market continues to improve, companies have realized that hiring veterans is not just goodwill — it’s good business. In a study by the Center of New American […]

The Top 10 Careers for Those with an MBA

Where Could Your MBA Take You A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can provide you with valuable knowledge of marketing, strategy, and company leadership, as well as develop your critical thinking and decision-making abilities. This academic background can make you highly desirable to employers in many areas, making it among the most versatile graduate-level […]

Why Cybercriminals Target Small Businesses

Small Businesses, Big Targets From major corporations to small mom-and-pop stores, companies are discovering better ways to use mobile technology and cloud computing to do business. But so are cybercriminals. [1] Half of global cyberattacks in 2015 involved small businesses, partly because business owners assume that cybercriminals are only interested in major corporations and don’t […]

Time Management Hacks for Busy Online Students

A 2016 survey of online college students revealed that 67% of graduate students and 45% of undergraduate students were employed full time while enrolled in their online courses. [1] Time management is already a high priority for most full-time employees, but it becomes even more important and challenging when you add starting an online program […]

The Advancements of Title IX and College Sexual Assault

The Evolving Role of Title IX On U.S. college campuses, one in five female students will be directly affected by sexual assault. To what extent is a university responsible for protecting its students from sexual misconduct? Academic institutions face this question as they seek to curb evolving forms of sexual assault and harassment. However, the […]

Make Brain Waves with These Waterproof Study Tips

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, more than 5 million students are taking at least one online course. Combine summer temps with eager online learners and you have a recipe for outdoor study options. Spend your summer tuning into these waterproof gadgets that can tighten up your study game. Keep your cool during lectures. […]

4 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Workplace

Millennials are now the largest generation at work – and they’re fast becoming the most influential population in the world. In fact, 3 out of every 4 workers globally will be Millennials by 2025. These digital natives are adaptable and tech-savvy. They’re poised to unleash innovation, and they offer the unique skills that modern businesses […]

Why Do Millions of Students Prefer Online Learning?

Nearly 6 million students chose online degrees in fall 2014. That amounts to 1 in 7 college students and represents a 263% increase in online student enrollments since 2002. So if you’re new to online education, know that you are most definitely not alone. The online learning experience is more engaging The spike in popularity […]

Social Media 101 for Students

College education in the digital media age is entirely different from what it was for previous generations. New and emergent technology has given students the ability to connect with people around the world and instantly access information. There was a time when many people thought of social media simply as a fun avenue for communicating […]

Top 5 Tips for Succeeding Online from Online Students

Online coursework is different from traditional on-campus coursework, and it can take some adjustment. Here are some expert tips to help you make the most of the online learning experience. 1. Deconstruct the Syllabus Break each assignment down into smaller chunks and note any areas for efficiency. In one course, I had to complete four […]

Find Out What Successful Online Students Have in Common

Going back to school? See if online learning is right for you. Remember the days when you had to take your seat every day in a physical classroom at a certain time to earn an accredited, top-tier education? Thanks to modern technology, those days are long gone. Schools now recognize that people with full-time jobs, […]