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Four ways technology can advance police work — and your career.

Modern police departments have an array of devices and tools that may revolutionize law enforcement and help uphold public safety. Here’s a look at the technological innovations that are shaping police work around the country. The rise of department-wide body cameras Body cameras have become a hot topic in policing in recent years, and more […]

3 Important Issues Health Educators Are Helping to Address

Health educators help teach the public about the issues impacting our local and global communities, particularly ways to prevent or reduce health problems and how to seek treatment. Here are three major issues poised to challenge these professionals in the coming years. Behavioral Health and Addiction Opioid abuse is devastating communities across the globe. According […]

Top Online MBA Programs with no GMAT Requirement

When career-focused individuals are looking to earn their online MBA, the GMAT is often a point of fear. If you are considering an MBA and hoping to avoid the GMAT, browse our list of online MBA programs that may meet your needs. Maybe you’re wondering what exactly is the GMAT? Do you really need one to pursue your education of choice? Read on to learn why many universities are updating their admissions requirements and offering GMAT waivers or removing the GMAT altogether from their admissions criteria.

4 Meaningful Public Service Careers

A rewarding career isn’t always just about your paycheck, benefits, or even work-life balance. Many people want to make a difference in the world through their work. Whether your goals include something as visible as working for a political campaign or a more community-focused role like managing local urban development, there are plenty of meaningful […]

Make A Difference With A Career in Social Work

Industry Outcomes for Social Workers Social work is both a great career move and a way to change lives for the better. By its nature, social work is a flexible field that can be tailored to fit your passion. Additionally, you shouldn’t have issue finding a job after graduation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts […]

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Context approaches higher education with academic and industry leadership to deliver insights that inspire learning. We have explored how advanced technology has transformed the development of augmented and virtual reality in a variety of industries. The result is a market that is expected to be worth $150 billion by 2020. Learn how to gain the […]

Why Do Millions of Students Prefer Online Learning?

Nearly 6 million students chose online degrees in fall 2014. That amounts to 1 in 7 college students and represents a 263% increase in online student enrollments since 2002. So if you’re new to online education, know that you are most definitely not alone. The online learning experience is more engaging The spike in popularity […]